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Serving towards the NTP 2020 cashless economy vision, the aim is to use e-wallets in designated stores for cashless shopping experience.

BayanPay Wallet is the most innovative digital Wallet in Saudi Arabia.

Currently on the Sandbox, regulated and monitored by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA), BayanPay Wallet is aiming to be the easiest and most trusted digital wallet in Saudi Arabia working with businesses, governments, and start-ups to maximize e-wallet acceptance.

Key Benefits

For individuals or businesses BayanPay Wallet will revolutionize the way you make or receive payments.


Super Easy, Fast & Convenient, Pay with QR

Top-up using multiple payment methods

Spend analytics & reports

Multi-lingual interface & support

Send payments quickly – Wallet to Wallet or Wallet to Bank Accounts


Fast & Convenient, No Hassles of Change!

Advanced Encryption & PCI Compliant

Fully integrated with digital payment gateways

Key Features

Multiple Top-Up Methods

Top up your wallet using any payment method of your convenience, providing you with the range of choices.

  • Sadad (Coming Soon)

  • Mada

  • Credit cards
    (VISA, MC, (Amex - Coming Soon))

  • Bank accounts

Fast, Convenient & Secure

Send payments quickly – Wallet to Wallet or Wallet to Bank Accounts.
Get Paid – request a payment & get paid in seconds.
Brings many add-ons services such as:

  • At the speed of sending an email

  • Multi-signature security

  • Convenient electronic receipts.

  • Funds management tools

Fully Integrated Solution

Fully integrated e-Wallet moving towards a cashless economy. BayanPay Wallet can be easily integrated into any payment gateway or mobile app for quick payments.

  • API based integration

  • User profiling

Advanced Security

BayanPay Wallet is a fully security compliant and encrypted platform for payment transactions.

  • Full compliance with PCI-DSS

  • Advanced encryption

  • Fraud and risk tolerance

Spend Analytics

Provides full visibility for all your transactions, irrespective of whether you are a merchant or an individual. Based on these analytics, you can then take actions or decisions on your spending behaviour.

  • Wallet spend analysis and reports

  • Multilingual support

  • Multi-purpose wallet

Client Satisfaction

With our simple onboarding process and very user friendly mobile apps, we are certain that our clients would be delighted.

  • Loyalty and trust

  • Empowering cashless society

  • Customer support

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