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BayanPay is an Online Payment Gateway Services Aggregator in Saudi Arabia.

Currently on the Sandbox, regulated and monitored by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA), BayanPay is aiming to be the most trusted Online Payment Gateway in Saudi Arabia working with businesses, governments, and start-ups to maximize online payment acceptance.

We provide/participate in online market places to enable payment gateway solution for:

Business to Business Customers (B2B)
Business to Consumer Customers (B2C)
Business to Government (B2G)

Key Benefits

Multiple payment options, such as Sadad, Mada, Visa, Mastercard and Amex.

Multiple payment options

Multiple payment options, such as Sadad, Mada, Visa, Mastercard and Amex.

Fraud screening

Fraud screening to alert merchants on any fraudulent transactions.

Easy customization & integration

Easy customization & integration with e-commerce portals and mobile apps.

Multi-lingual interface

Multi-lingual interface for both users and merchants to deliver a “localized” customer experience.

Smart Dynamic Routing

Smart Dynamic Routing to route transactions based on the customer’s credit/debit cards for quicker intra-bank settlements.

Smart Analytics dashboards

Smart Analytics dashboards providing visibility & transparency to the core.

Key Features

Customizable Checkout

Securely accept your customer payment details with a customized checkout process & a fully customizable user experience. The full responsiveness and simplicity of our payment checkout page will delight your customers, making them return to your websites.

  • Software as a service for web & mobile applications

  • Provided platform & directories

  • Quicker & easier checkout

Fully Integrated Solution

BayanPay makes it easy for your customers to pay online. BayanPay is fully integrated with all the top global payment methods. We also provide full support on every stage of integration making the whole process quick and smooth.

  • Multiple payment options

  • Reach worldwide customers

  • Multiple top-up options for wallet

Advanced Security

BayanPay payment gateway has been implemented with advanced security features to prevent any possibility of fraud transactions. We do the utmost to protect our merchants and clients making our payment gateway utterly secured.

BayanPay security team is continuously inventing and applying new technical tools that can decrease threat of damage caused by online fraud.

  • Full compliance with PCI-DSS

  • Advanced encryption

  • Fraud and risk tolerance

Client Satisfaction

BayanPay, with our 24x7 customer care support, is always here to answer your questions and help you grow your business. We aim to build your loyalty and trust, and convert you from a BayanPay customer to a BayanPay ambassador.

  • Loyalty and trust

  • Empowering cashless society

  • Customer support

Global Reach

BayanPay provides an international payment gateway solution in aggregation model. So, all international businesses in Saudi Arabia, will be able to work with BayanPay across multiple markets. Also, global customers will be able to access BayanPay to make payments for any Saudi Arabia e-commerce purchases.

  • API based integration

  • User profiling


BayanPay provides very powerful payments analytics and reconciliation tool where you will be able to view, analyse and act on all your payments data, across multiple payment types, in one place with zero IT effort. You will benefit from deeper insights, thus identifying opportunities for optimising transaction rates and costs, targeting specific segments and identifying new payment methods.

  • Visibility to the core

  • Analytics dashboards

  • Transaction analytics and reports

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