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About Us

Bayan Payments Ltd, was established in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to build payments gateway technology (aggregation model), capable of meeting the rapidly growing e-Commerce (BayanPay) payments and to introduce e-wallet (BayanPay Wallet) in Saudi Arabia.

Bayan Payments Ltd. aims to be the preferred digital payment services provider for Saudi Arabia, providing a seamless & frictionless experience to global customers and Saudi Arabian businesses and individuals. Currently on the Sandbox, regulated and monitored by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA), Bayan Payments aims to be compliant with all the policies and procedures in Saudi Arabia.

​ We have a very ambitious roadmap, with challenging scopes to transform the digital payments landscape in Saudi Arabia. We are a group of talented and motivated individuals, working with industry leading experts to apply our knowledge and experience in this transformation journey.

Our Vision

To shape the standards of businesses in the country and participate in Saudi Vision 2030 and its development, and create value and make a difference to inspire, and be a growing stable company on a global scale.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach every shop & e-commerce business in Saudi Arabia and empower SME businesses.

We commit to uphold honesty and trust, and behave in an economical & environmentally responsible manner.

Exceed customer expectations by building an innovative, secure and reliable payment solutions through enduring partnerships

Our Solutions

  • BayanPay Business

     Pay Smart using our secure Payment Gateway (aggregator).

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  • BayanPay Wallet

    Pay Easy with the most innovative Digital Wallet.

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  • BayanPay Flow

    Pay Secure using our innovative business solutions.

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